Steroids Buying Guide

Updated version of Anabolic Steroids Buying Guide.


There’s no doubt that more and more people are now using performance-enhancing steroids in the US, UK, and the rest of the world. Many young people are now turning to anabolic steroids as a way to enhance their physique. Steroid use is at an all-time high thanks to the huge supply of anabolics in the market today. In this article, we will look at the best steroid buying practices, how to find legitimate steroid suppliers and what to look for in a reliable steroid seller. This guide is not for non-users but for those who already have experience using steroids.

Planning Your Cycle

It’s important to plan your cycle and determine the best anabolic steroids that you can use before you go out shopping. A steroid cycle is basically the duration in which you use the steroid consistently. For example, most cycles often last anywhere between 4 and 15 weeks. It all depends on your goals, experience, and the type of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) that you are using. Using multiple steroid compounds in a cycle is popularly known as stacking. The key here to planning your cycle is research. Read as much content about AAS as possible before you decide what type of steroids to buy and use in your cycle. If you’re new to steroids, we highly recommend that you go for a test-only cycle.

Where to Find the Best Steroids for Sale

Where to find the best steroids on the market today? Well, there are many places where you can look for steroids products online. The most simple and straightforward route is Google Search. There are numerous sites listed on Google as legitimate steroid sellers. The problem is in finding a truly reliable seller. There are several things you need to consider before making a purchase online. For instance, how secure is the merchant website? Are you dealing with a local or overseas seller? Does the dealer provide money back guarantee if anything goes wrong? What do other readers say about the seller in online reviews? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself when shopping for steroids.

How to Choose Anabolic Steroids Products

There are several types of anabolic steroid products on the market today. We highly recommend you go for Human Grade products rather than products from Underground labs. There are of course excellent Underground labs but keep in mind there are many fake and bad ones.

The most important thing to consider when buying steroids is exactly what to expect from the products. You need to know how the steroid you want to buy will work in your body, the results it will deliver, how it can be stacked with other products, and its side effects, if any. The goal is to determine the most effective and safest steroid product to go for. Keep in mind that not all steroids are the same. Some have greater fat burning capacity and are best suited for weight loss purposes while others will help you gain lean mass rapidly. If your intention is to increase strength and gain mass, you should go for bulking steroids. Bulking is a popular phrase in bodybuilding but basically refers to adding lean muscles to the right places in your body. The legal steroids market today has been weakened by the rapid increase of popular banned steroids. You need to know the right product for your specific needs. For example, one of the best steroids for bulking purposes is the modified version of Trenbolone known in short as Tren. This version works fast by opening up muscles cells to make them retain more nitrogen. With increased nitrogen, the cell can synthesize proteins better and help you gain muscle faster. There are many other bulking steroids on the market today such as Dianabol, Anavar, and Testosterone. For those seeking to burn fat, one of the best options is Clenbuterol. However, you need to ensure that you’re using the best products to get the best results. Carry out enough research to find each product’s ingredients and how the ingredients function to help you reach your goals.

How to Find the Best Suppliers

We highly advise you not to buy from random steroid sources that you come across in the Internet. Take time to do due diligence by reading online reviews and researching more about the seller before you make a purchasing decision. At the very least, visit relevant forums and community sites to learn more about different steroid products and their sellers. Over the years, the demand for legal steroids has dramatically increased leading to an increase in online steroids shops. The high demand has also attracted a huge number of scammers seeking to take advantage of newbie steroids users. There are many complaints in bodybuilding forums regarding products being sold at particular online shops. There are a good number of online shops that either don’t sell quality products or just don’t sell any products at all. It’s therefore important to research on every online shop you come across before you part with your money. If you’re using Google Search to find the best steroid selling sites, take the time to browse through the first results. Check every single store. You can determine if the site is legitimate or not by reading its review on independent review sites such as and These are sites created to provide independent reviews and customer feedback about steroids brands and sources.

Here are a few key issues to look for in a good online steroids store:

1. The Store’s Reputation

You definitely want to buy your steroids from a store with a good reputation. However, when you’re doing it online you don’t have the option of physically checking your steroids as you would in a brick and mortar offline store. You, therefore, need to be more vigilant when shopping for steroids online. Check the reputation of the online store before you place an order. The simplest way of doing this is by asking fellow bodybuilders at your gym if they have bought from the store before or heard anything about the store. Never rush to place an order before you have ascertained the reputation of the business no matter how professional its website may look. Check other bodybuilding forums for more information about the store. If it’s a popular store there’s likely to be one or more users of the forum who have bought from or dealt with the online store before. Checking the store’s reputation is a basic step that you should never ignore before you make your purchase. Otherwise, you could end up losing money when ordering steroids only to discover that whatever they shipped to you is completely different from what was advertised. Only deal with online stores that have a good reputation and have positive customer feedback.

2. Check If They Have Reasonable Prices

It’s important to check the kind of prices the store has for its steroids products. You may be looking for the cheapest prices but be careful not to let this cheap mentality make you fall victim to scams. A majority of online scammers usually claim to sell their steroids products at extremely low prices in order to lure people and fleece them of their hard-earned money. If you come across a store selling anabolic steroids at unreasonably low prices, you’re likely looking at a scammer and your best option is to avoid the store. This doesn’t mean that you should only buy from the most expensive online stores. Instead, take time to do due diligence and research on typical prices of steroids in different stores to get a rough idea of what each type costs before you order. We highly recommend you ask other experienced bodybuilders how much they usually pay for a specific type of steroids.

3. Check the Type of Steroids They Have on Stock

Find out which types of steroids the online store sells. If you had done enough initial research, you will have a good idea of the top steroid products in the market today. A good online store should have a majority of the top steroid products in stock. You should be careful when buying products from obscure brands. Avoid brands that are not known by fellow bodybuilders and other veterans. There are many players in the steroid market and many underground labs make fake products that claim to be more effective than legitimate steroids. While some of these claims are true, most are false. You can never be sure of the kind of side effects that steroids from underground labs have. The safest option is to stick to legal steroids even if some may not work as quickly as the non-FDA approved bulking steroids.

4. Do They Provide Free Samples?

One of the best ways of finding out if a store is legit and provides the right type of steroids is to simply ask for free samples. They can also provide attractive deals such as ‘buy one bottle get one free.’ A good store that is confident about the effectiveness of its products shouldn’t have a problem giving out free samples. When you receive a free sample, you will have a good idea of how the company ships its products. Make sure the store packs and ships the products in a discrete manner. Basically, your package shouldn’t have labels that identify it as a steroid.

5. Do They Provide Money Back Guarantee?

A store that sells legitimate steroids should be able to back its products with a solid money back guarantee. There are many reasons why you should only buy from a store that gives you money back guarantee. For instance, what if the product they deliver is not the one you had ordered for? Without money back guarantee, you’ll not get your money back. A good professional store that sells steroids pills stands behind its products and will always correct any mistakes at the company’s cost.

Buying Steroids from Domestic vs. Overseas Sources

You can easily buy your steroids over the counter or from an online store. If you’re doing it online you’ll need to consider whether to get your products from a domestic source or an overseas supplier depending on where you live. A domestic source is a steroid seller within your locality or country while an overseas source is one located in another country. For example, if you live in the US, a domestic source will be located in your state while a supplier in the UK is considered as an overseas source of steroids. So which is the best option between a domestic supplier and an overseas source? To answer this question, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Advantages of Buying from A Domestic source

  • A local or domestic source provides fast delivery of your order. This is because your order doesn’t have to be shipped over long distances.
  • Your order is shipped securely. There’s little or zero chance of contamination in domestic shipping.
  • Low shipping costs mean lower product prices compared to products shipped from overseas.
  • You get steroids products that your fellow bodybuilders are more familiar with since they’re locally available.

    Disadvantages of Domestic Sources

    In some cases, you don’t get the best steroids in your domestic market. More steroid users claim the quality of steroids is comparatively poorer in the US than in the UK. It’s generally known that UK has a higher quality than the US.

    Advantages of Overseas Sources

  • Most of the high-quality steroids come from overseas countries such as Thailand, India, and Europe. However, some overseas sources such as China are not known for providing very good quality steroids.
  • Some overseas sources provide free re-ship if their product is seized. Disadvantages of Overseas Sources
  • Some overseas sources such as China don’t manufacture high-quality steroids.
  • You could lose your money if the product is seized en-route and the company doesn’t provide free re-ship.
  • Shipping costs are generally higher when dealing with overseas sources than with domestic suppliers.

    Supplier-Check Communities and Forums

    To find out if an online steroid shop is legit or provides good quality products, head on over to bodybuilding and other relevant steroid forums and communities for more information. Here are some of the most popular communities where you can engage with fellow steroid users and learn more about online suppliers:


    This is one of the best steroid information forums. It’s a great community populated with some of the most experienced steroid users. You can easily get reviews and testimonials about most online steroid suppliers at Eroids. However, it’s rumored that some of the top steroid sources are in the habit of creating fake reviews that escape the forum moderators’ attention. This is because anyone can post at Eroids.

    IronMagazine Forums

    This is one of the oldest bodybuilding forums you can find on the internet today. IronMagazine is quite selective in its choice of sponsors. You’ll only get high-quality and legitimate steroids sellers advertising on this forum. If you’re looking for legitimate sources of steroids, IronMagazine is the best place to start your search.

    Muscle Gurus

    Muscle Gurus is almost the same as Eroids. It’s a good community with a large base of users. However, it’s not as active as Eroids and IronMagazine. You can nevertheless find several good steroid suppliers listed in the forum.

    Trust Pilot Reviews

    Trust Pilot is known for publishing extensive reviews on just about everything from electronics to supplement and steroid products. It’s a good place to look for reviews and find more information about a specific steroid product and its suppliers.

Product Check Websites

One of the key reasons why you should buy legal steroids from legitimate sources is because the product has been clinically tested and approved as safe for human consumption. This means that the products are not only safe but also proven to work as advertised. Another reason to buy legal steroids is that they have been proven to have little to no side effects. They are designed to provide quick, long-lasting results. They are made of safe ingredients and are sold by trusted vendors who even provide hustle-free money back guarantee. So how do you check if a steroid product meets all these requirements? You can do your own product-check research on leading steroid website and community sites. is one of the best sources of lab reports and information about tests done on different types of steroids. This is where you can learn more about chemical compositions, contaminations of any of the most popular steroids on the market today. You can also find blood-test reports shared by fellow steroid users on community sites such as IronMagazine Forums and BrotherhoodofPain among others.